Odisha actress alleges threat to life from producer, files complaint


Almost a week after movie producer Rajesh Ranjan Pati alleged that a female actor from one of his unfinished movies might level casting couch allegations against him, the actor – identified as Upasana Mohanty – today lodged a complaint in Laxmi Sagar police station of Odisha capital alleging harassment and threat to life from him.

n her complaint to the police, she mentioned, “His planned lies have affected my personal and professional life and have made my marriage difficult. He is also threatening me that he will not allow me to get married and would kill me if I say yes to a marriage proposal.”

Speaking to reporters after filing the complaint, she added, “He (Rajesh) called a press meet in my absence and without consulting me. Whatever allegations he levelled against me there are all wrong. He should have the data backing him before doing so. I do have data with me. He alleged that I might level casting couch allegations against him even when I had no intention to do so. Now, I will do so and reveal what he did to me.”

“Rajesh Pati himself has harassed me a lot. Even on the set. He would always try to get close to me and tell me not to mingle with other artists. On one occasion, when I countered him and said that he has no rights to dictate who I mingle with, he shot back saying he would set the shooting set afire if I do so. I kept quiet as we were out of station.”

“I had been keeping quiet just to ensure that things go off well. He misbehaved with me on the set in Hyderabad. He pulled my hand and in turn I rebuked him. The crew is privy to this. He proposed me and even went on to approach the crew to influence me. On one occasion he said that he would try black magic on me to win me over,” said Upasana.

“Further, he would ask me to go on tours with him without the company of my mother and on occasions ask me to hit the disco with him. I have records of Whatsapp chat conversations to back my claims,” she added.

She also alleged that even though she had been promised Rs 1.5 lakhs for the movie, she received only Rs 30,000. Besides, Pati could not finance the teams at Hyderabad as per the agreement.

Reacting to the development, producer Rajesh Pati said that their relationship was an “emotional” one. He however, refuted the financial charges and asserted that he has “documented proof of financial transactions” made to various parties.

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