Mr World Rohit Khandelwal: First An Indian To Achieve Such Victory


Rohit Khandelwal bagged the Mr World title this morning and this is the first time that an Indian contender has managed to bring home this pride. Behind this win, there is a story of how hard he trained while preparing for this pageant. Mr World Rohit Khandelwal was trained in football and circuit training to increase his physical performance for various challenges of the pageant.

While we wonder how fit he looks today, little did we know that Rohit Khandelwal  weighed on higher side initially. This pageant winner has posted his photos on Instagram describing his three year journey in Mumbai. The actor posted a huge post on his social media account just before he was set to fly for this international competition and is seen thanking all his well wishers and family for their constant support.

Though not on a higher side, this model once weighed around 85 kgs. This weight is definitely like an alarm ringing for a model in making. Rohit, since then has toned his body and reduced his weight by following a strict diet and working our rigorously. Well the hard work and efforts undertaken by him have definitely paid off and he has been rewarded exceptionally in the form of pageant.

An ordinary guy next door, now is the reason behind making India proud. Seeing his initial pictures, we are sure that Rohit never had modeling on his mind.

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